Monitored Entity having CPU spikes

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we are using redgate as our monitoring tool and observed one of our sql server having logshipped(Primary) almost all databases is having regular 100% cpu hikes, if we remove from redgate there are no spikes, but we need to monitor the server as it is a production server, is there any way to reduce cpu spikes.


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    i have changed MAXdop sever setting for checking the cpu spikes, it went normal, if i remove maxdop setting, again i can see cpu 100% Spikes, but i can't set maxdop for healthy server, is there any other alternative to get down these spikes
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    Hi tarakk27,

    Sorry for the delay here, something odd happened when the issue was split off. How do you have SQL Monitor set up (i.e. Base Monitor, web server and data repository all on one machine)? Is the machine you are monitoring hosting the data repository?

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