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I figured out the signatures for the structure OPENCARDNAME_EX
[StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential, CharSet = CharSet.Auto)]
        public struct OPENCARDNAME_EX
            public int dwStructSize;
            public IntPtr hSCardContext;
            public IntPtr hwndOwner;
            public uint dwFlags;
            public string lpstrTitle;
            public string lpstrSearchDesc;
            public IntPtr hIcon;
            public IntPtr pOpenCardSearchCriteria;
            public IntPtr lpfnConnect;
            public IntPtr pvUserData;
            public int dwShareMode;
            public int dwPrefferedProtocols;
            public string lpstrRdr;
            public int nMaxRdr;
            public string lpstrCard;
            public int nMaxCard;
            public int dwActiveProtocol;
            public IntPtr hCardHandle;
And SCardUIDlgSelectCard
        public static extern int SCardUIDlgSelectCard(
            ref OPENCARDNAME_EX dlgStruct


  • Thanks for your post!

    I've added the module and it's not available on the PInvoke wiki on the left-hand side.
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