is it possible to set alerts to only alert at certain times

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I have an alert that I want to only to be raised between 18:00 and 20:00, is it possible to do this?


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    Hi James,

    I am afraid that at the moment it is not possible to set a particular alert to be raised at a specific time window only.

    May I suggest that you request this feature on the SQL Monitor's uservoice webpage?
    You and others will be able to vote for it and user feedback on this page will be taken in consideration when selecting and prioritising features to add to any future SQL Monitor versions.

    Link to SQL Monitor's uservoice: ... uggestions

    Thank you,
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  • You could, however, configure a maintenance window for the server in question (go to Configure -> Monitored servers -> right-click on the server -> Set Maintenance Window). This will disable alerts for that server for a time pattern you can specify.

    Hope that helps

    Daniel Rothig
    Product Manager
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