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We have a single server license for SQL Monitor and monitored our old database in the two weeks before migrating everything over to a new SQL Server. The machine and SQL Server instance have new names. I am not interested in monitoring the old server since it is being decommissioned.

However, I want to compare what I see now on the new server with the last two weeks of the old server, but I cannot access the old server's data in the Analyse view any more. Although, I can still see it in Overview if I set the date back.

Is there a way that I can bring the old data over to the new sql server? Perhaps updating the Redgate monitoring database to move all historic data over to the new server? Is there some recommended action I can take to access the old data in the analyse view?



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    Hi Dirk,

    I know I've handled this with you via a support ticket but I wanted to provide some information on this for other users.

    As long as you just unlicense the server via Configuration > Licensing and the server configuration is not removed from the SQL Monitor then the server should still be a selectable option on the Analysis graph page. It will not be collecting any new data, but you will be able to select it to display the metric information that has already been collected. We don't have a process in place that I am aware of for moving the data related to one server to be inserted into another server.

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