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Feature Request: More Reporting

rrerre Posts: 42 Bronze 2
edited October 2, 2015 8:03AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
actually I was looking in the uservoice forum for a new feature request of SQL Backup, but unfortunately I didn't find the product there. That's why I am posting my feature request in the forum.

We are looking forward for some more reporting in SQL Backup. Actually it would be nice to have a report with the backup scheduling of a selected server and databases. This way we get an better overview of a our backup strategy at all. It would be nice to now which database it's backuped at which time, something like that. Do you think it's possible?



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    Hi Robert

    Thank you for your post into the forum. You can already review your scheduled jobs via the jobs tab in the SQL Backup GUI.

    There is a uservoice forum for SQL Backup which is available HERE.

    I have created a new uservoice topic for you to vote and comment on as per this LINK

    Many Thanks
    Kind Regards
    Wendy Mitchell
    Product Support Engineer
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    rrerre Posts: 42 Bronze 2
    Any progress on this? I haven't seen any new release for SQL Backup in last couple of months (excluding a small release in July).
    Do you could help us for creating a report with the information per database (name, schedule, paths, copies kept etc.) instead of typewriting the configuration?
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