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Change Data Capture (CDC)

Matt ConnollyMatt Connolly Posts: 4 New member
edited November 4, 2015 11:50AM in SQL Compare 11

Is there any way to get SQL Compare to recognize CDC objects?

This is related to SQL Source Control and SQL CI, which use SQL Compare behind the scenes. I have a database with views which reference cdc objects. These are causing the SQL CI build to fail with an "invalid object name" exception, because the cdc objects themselves are not getting built. They aren't included in the build because SQL Source Control ignores them - which in turn is because SQL Compare ignores them.

This behaviour doesn't seem to be configurable in the SQL Compare options...

Can anyone help?




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    Hi, thanks for your question.

    Support for CDC is now in our list of features to support for the future.

    I can't give dates at this point.
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    We are having the same issue. How did you resolve this?
    I don't seem to be able to get the migration scripts to work. I have tried migration scripts to create the cdc setup/enable for the tables, then create the views, but it never runs the cdc part of the script.
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