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Please provide "Any CPU" or "/LargeAddressAware" Build

Karsten StockKarsten Stock Posts: 2
edited February 17, 2015 10:25AM in SmartAssembly

I use DeveExpress Winforms components in all of my projects and have licensed your great SmartAssembly tool.
But I face a lot of "Out Of Memory" exceptions with this scenario.

I digged a littel bit deeper and found out that you have build SmartAssembly with "x86" CPU support only.

Please provide a "Any CPU" build to get rid of the current 1.2 GB memory limit.

I tried "EDITBIN.EXE/LARGEADDRESSAWARE SmartAssembly.exe" but the resulting exe crashes afterwards. I guess because of a damaged signature.
If "Any CPU" can not be done for some reasons /LargeAddresAware would give us one additional GB of RAM at least.

I hope that you are able to proviode a "Any CPU" build for all of your customers soon.

Best regartds,


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