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Hanging at "Calculating dependencies"

JoeSackJoeSack Posts: 2
edited February 19, 2015 9:31AM in SQL Compare 11

Using SQL Compare to compare two SQL Server database (2008 R2 instances).

Running a comparison works fine, but selecting an object to sync, clicking "Deployment Wizard", selecting "Deploy using SQL Compare" and clicking Next brings up the "Calculating dependencies" dialog box. The status remains at 0% indefinitely (or at least several minutes with no progress). The sub-title in the dialog box is "Calculating work to do" - but after a few minutes hitting Cancel doesn't work and the only option is to kill the task.

The specific databases being compared have worked in the past, but this behavior started recently. Only 258 objects to compare between databases, and even just selecting on single procedure update causes this hang.



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