"txt was encrypted" errors in Compare

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I am getting "text was encrypted" messages when attempting to retrieve any of my Views, Procs or Functions. Not these are NOT marked as Encrypted in the database. Server: Windows 2008, SQL 2005. I've tried changing the compat. on the db to 8.0; no change. Note I used to be able to compare to this database before it was detached and re-attached to the new SQL 2005 instance under Window 2008.

Any ideas? This is killing me.


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    Michelle TMichelle T Posts: 566 Gold 1
    Sounds like we're having trouble reading the sys.syscomments table. Either it got corrupted while reattaching the database, or some kind of obscure problem with Windows 2008, possibly something to do with reading the text out of sys.syscomments in the wrong collation.

    I'll see if we have any Windows 2008 problems, and if you could send a database backup and/or the output of 'select * from sys.syscomments' on the troublesome database to michelle.taylor@red-gate.com that might help me track down the issue.
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    Thanks, Michelle; I have emailed a backup. The SQL Server is 64-bit; would that cause an issue? sys.syscomments.text seems readable in SQL Server Management Studio.
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