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Feature requests - checkbox for "use"

PetroPetro Posts: 16
edited May 1, 2009 4:31AM in SQL Multi Script
Hi all :)

updates are sometimes for more than one database. in oure case, we often make separated scripts (files) to make sure the script runs on the correct db. so we use a "use". but multiscript does not change back the db-context, witch is not the db that is shown in multiscript.

for us, the need for "use" is imported, because we do not use multiscript to update productive dbs (yet).

- option for "check for 'use' and mark at import"
- checkbox on each script for "set back the db before run the script"

thanks for thinking about

see ya


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    I have logged this as a feature request to be considered in the next release. Thanks for the feedback.

    Helen Joyce
    SQL Backup Project Manager
    Red Gate Software
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    shadowbobshadowbob Posts: 71 Bronze 2
    A feature similar to this would probably be considered my "#1" productivity booster. Basically, I'd love an option to "Override USE statements in script" so that if any USE statements happen to be in the script, they go away and the script actually runs on the database which Multi Script intends it to. This would literally shave minutes off of every single work day for me. Thanks a bunch!
    Jeremy Fuller
    VP, Software Development
    Organizational Intelligence, Inc.
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    But what if you have something like this:
    USE MyDB
    [do some schema changes here]
    USE msdb
    [create some jobs here]

    if you ignore all USE statements your script may fail.

    I would rather have an ability to do automatic replacements like this:
    USE {database name}
    [do some schema changes here]
    USE msdb
    [create some jobs here]
    So {database name} would automaticaly be replaces to the database the script runs against.
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    Thanks for the suggestion, I've logged this request and we'll consider it for the next release.

    Best regards,

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