ANTS Load Not Registering in IIS Logs

njenneynjenney Posts: 6
edited June 4, 2008 6:16AM in ANTS Load
OK, I have been messing around with this for a while and I cannot get it it work. I am running the latest version of ANTs Load on one server and capturing counters on another remote server. I am running a secure web-based app which has a .NET 2.0 framework, heavy AJAX front end and SQL Server 2005. I record a script and then run the load test and everything appears to be just fine and dandy. However, when I look in the IIS logs I do not see any activity. We also have a little cache manager utility which shows registered users and their cache in memory allotment and I do not see anything registering there either. Additionally, no database updates are being made. When I first record the script I see activity in the IIS logs, cache manager and DB so I know it is working when I manually test.

Any suggestions on next steps to troubleshoot this issue?




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