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problems registering servers using sql authentication

dbaman6dbaman6 Posts: 7
edited March 21, 2008 12:05PM in SQL Multi Script
We use sql authentication with sql 2000 databases. I can remote desktop to a server using either the name or IP address to find a server. I can also use query analyzer with either the servername or IP address and both connect directly to the database. I think my DNS is working.

When I try to add a server though using either the name or IP address, I get a connection error.

I have tried changing the connection properties from default to tcp/ip and named pipes but nothing connects. Any ideas?


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    What is the exact error message that you're getting? Could you try explicitly stating the port that you're using to connect to SQL Server and if that doesn't work try forcing tcp/ip as well e.g.

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    Still no luck with any of the three options.

    One thing I noticed though, the computer I am trying to connect to is part of a workgroup. In my enterprise manager, when I try to register a server, the database server I am trying to connect to shows up. In SQL Multi Script, the db server does not show up. Only the database servers in my domain show up in the selection list. Why wouldn't any database servers in the workgroup WORKGROUP show up in the selection list?
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