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Feature req: Ability to right-click lists and "Copy" as text

anarresanarres Posts: 7
edited April 28, 2008 9:03AM in SQL Dependency Tracker
I'd really like to save as plain text the list of dependencies for selected objects.

At the moment the only option is to export as XML, but I don't want to have to write an application just to get the names of the dependent objects.

I am using this tool to see what procs in databaseA use tables from databaseB. I would imagine this is a pretty standard use of the application - to see what links from one database to another.

However, the lack of any API / command line interface / "copy as text" functionality means that I have to BY HAND write out the names of over 50 SP's to an excel file. Or, I can export as XML and write an application to navigate the XML DOM.

Being able to right-click the dependencies list and save as text would save me a lot of time.

Alternativly, being able to export data in CSV would also suffice (although I havn't fully considered the column implementation, any implementation would allow opening in excel and copying of data).

I really appreciate this useful tool, but it is rather restrictive in terms of accessing available data.


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    I would like to add my support to the previous posting.
    I work with a sql server installation with about six databases made up of about 3000 procs and an equal number of tables, plus all the assorted "accessories" that go with them.
    Once we have a list of proc-to-proc dependencies on the screen, we usually want to DO SOMETHING with them, the first requirement usually being to e-mail them to someone else. Jumping back and forth from the sdt screen to the window where we are "working" is just not a good work process.
    I currently generate a pdf file, then cut and paste from there, but this is slow and very inconvenient.
    We need either a "cut & paste" from the screen or the option to "print" the information in the current dependency list.
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    I wouldn't count on this happening any time soon - I got the following reply from Red Gate on 6th March.

    "I have logged your feature request in our bug tracking system with reference DT-448. This will be considered for a future release of SQL Dependency Tracker but we currently have no timescales for this project."

    It's a shame as this is a good product on the verge of being great. Back to TSQL and the ever unreliable sysdepends table :(
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    I cannot believe that you and I are the only two users of the dependency tracker who need this capability. Although my case may be extreme - 3000 procs spread across multiple databases - I would think finding dependencies would only be the first step in some extended process.
    Doesn't anybody else have this basic need?
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