SQL Server 2008

SQL Compare 6 doesn't appear to work with SQL Server 2008 as the PowerSum function has been dropped.

Any workarounds?


  • Unfortunately not - we used that function in one of the queries that always gets run when you register a database.

    If you really need to use SQL Compare 6 with SQL Server 2008 right now, we have fixed this particular issue in an internal build and you can email Support about getting it, but the internal builds that fix that issue have quite a few other problems.

    We don't currently have a stable build which works with SQL Server 2008, and probably won't until much nearer the actual release date.
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  • We have an urgent need to use Compare with SQL 2008.

    What is the update on support of it?
  • The SQL Compare 7 Beta works with SQL 2008 - see the forum, http://www.red-gate.com/MessageBoard/viewforum.php?f=78 , for a link to download a copy. We're not releasing a complete version until SQL Server 2008 is at least at the release candidate rather than the CTP stage. Obviously this is a Beta version so it's not quite up to the usual quality standards, but it might help.
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  • In your Dec 28, 2007 reply, you made mention of a more stable build for the sql 2008 functionality. We are in the process of putting together a request for purchase for a current version, but it is a very long and dragged out process that will not be completed in time for my needs. Similarly, the trial version will not provide enough time before completion of the purchase process.

    If you do not have a more stable version, then would you please provide the internal build that you had mentioned?

    Thank you
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