Filtering out specific types of differences?

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I'm trying to sync up our development and production databases. I've got this for basically every table, view, and stored procedure:
-- Permissions

GRANT EXECUTE ON  [dbo].[InsertHomePageSectionBulletedCopyItem] TO [public]
GRANT EXECUTE ON  [dbo].[InsertHomePageSectionBulletedCopyItem] TO [productionuser]

Maybe I'm spoiled by using tools like BeyondCompare, but is there a way to filter out specific types of differences so that they're not synchronized? For instance, I just need a stored procedure's actual procedure to change, not the user it's set with.

I'm currently using SQL Compare 5.2, but I know that if this was in a newer version we'd upgrade.


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    If you don't want to synchronize any permissions on any object, you can set the project option 'Ignore Permissions' (open your project, go to 'Edit Project', go to the 'Options' tab, and it's the second option in the Ignore list).
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