How to export Comparison Results

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I have successfully using command line to generate database snapshots through SQL Compare command line.

Now i would need to compare the snapshots I took and generate reports. Could anyone please advise how to generate comparison reports, with different format avaiablibity

I tried with the following command but didnt get any thing readable

sqlcompare.exe" /snapshot1:"Server1_MyDB.snp" /snapshot2:"Server2_MyDB.snp" /report:"DB_Difff.rpt"



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    When you output a report using SQL Compare Command line, you also need to specify what type of report you want to create.

    You need to use the /reporttype switch.

    /reporttype:<reporttype> alias:/rt [default: XML]

    Values: XML, Simple, Interactive, excel

    Once you have set the reporttype switch you will need to set the file for the report using /report, and specifying the file name and the file extension for the type of report you have chosen.

    e.g. /reporttype:interactive /report:MyReport.html

    You can view this in more detail by looking at the SQL Compare command line help file.

    Type this command after navigating to the SQL Bundle 5 installation directory.
    SQLCompare /help /verbose
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