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I am using Toolkit 5 to make a win application which compares 2 databases (SQL Compare, not SQL Data Compare) and displays the differences in a list view, what I want to do from here is to enable selection of differences which will be included in the synchronization.
My listview has basic info about each difference found (name, db object type, difference type) and from here I want to compare selected items from the listview with the Differences collection and set the selected property of selected difference to true.
Brian (moderator) recommended using diff_name.object.FullyQualifiedName since it is a string and it can be compared to strings in listview but if someone has any other suggestions they are more than welcome.
Thanks, D.


  • Hi,
    It's nice to see the forums being used for this sort of thing.

    My first thought was along the lines of Brians suggestion.

    Are you trying to achieve something that Brians solution doesn't do? Or is there something about Brians recommendation that you don't like.

    Thanks, Dave
  • Hi,

    at the moment I am following Brian's instructions and my app works fine, Fully Qualified Name is the best thing available to use...
    Maybe in future Toolkit comparison generates differences with something like diff_id on each difference and that way make it easier to access and manipulate.

    There's nothing wrong with Brian's recommendation of course, I can only thank him and other admins for having nerves for our questions... :wink:
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