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Login Failed for user 'sa'

gelbartgelbart Posts: 2
edited April 5, 2007 3:16PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
I'm trying to run a restore from a file. I select the file, enter my sa password and it gets the error -

Login Failed for user 'sa'
Server: BERTHA
SQL authentication
User name: sa

SQL error code: 18456

This is my first time using it. I know the password is right because I can log into SQL with it. I'm running SQL2005


found that I had to run stored procs to reset the password, arghh, can't believe a gui doesn't give you that option.

exec sp_addextendedproc 'sqbsetlogin','xp_sqlbackup'
exec sqbsetlogin 'sa','mypassword'
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