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Disabling functionality & Capitalization

labreuerlabreuer Posts: 3
edited February 20, 2007 11:16AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
Is it possible to disable the "Other candidates" category? I set the popup delay to 50ms so that I could have shortcuts expand without pressing ctrl-space, but that has caused SQL Prompt to capitalize my keywords. I don't want them capitalized; note that I have auto-capitalization set to off; the 50ms delay is having the same effect. Moreover, 50ms results in typing the "use database" statement to turn into "USER( database)", which is clearly undesirable.

While 3.0 offers a better GUI, it's a step backwards in terms of my main use of it, which was to expand "findc" to "select * from information_schema.columns where column_name like '$CURSOR$'", a similar one for tables, and a "listc", which lists the columns in a table or tables.

What's up with INFORMATION_SCHEMA & 3.0? If I type that and then type ".", I don't get a list of the different views. In SQL Prompt 2.x, this worked if I capitalized it correctly. Is there some setting that is preventing it from working in 3.0? Is there any reason the case has to be correct for intellisense to popup when the DB collation does not require this?

It seems like you have your product 98% of the way "there", but for something that affects the core of writing code, that last 2% can be a killer.


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    Bart ReadBart Read Posts: 997 Silver 1
    Hi there,

    System object support is disabled by default in 3.0. To switch it on just click on SQL Prompt > Options on the main menu bar. Then on the "Candidates" tab ensure that "Include system objects in the candidate list" is checked (it's at the bottom under "Other objects").

    As for the capitalisation issue the capitalisation of keywords etc in the candidate list should match what you've set in the options dialog, however if you've set "Leave as is" as the value then keywords will appear in upper case in the candidate list. In this case when they're inserted they will match the case of the keyword in the candidate list. This is by design however I can see how it would be irritating. If you want items in lower case then you'll need to set "Force LOWERCASE" as the value for these options.

    Bart Read
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    I checked off "Include system objects in the candidate list" and I got no intellisense after typing "INFORMATION_SCHEMA.", nor did I get intellisense for the columns in the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS view. The checked state of "Show objects for specified owner or schema" did not appear to affect anything. If I am in the master database, where the INFORMATION_SCHEMA views are defined, I do get intellisense after typing "INFORMATION_SCHEMA.", but not for the columns.

    Choosing the "force lowercase" object appears to solve part of the issue. However, this does not fix the "USER( database)" problem I mentioned above. I determined that this is because 3.0's intellisense does not prefer exact matches. In other words, if I type "use" and that is in the intellisense list, intellisense should accept it instead of suggesting an item before it, like "USER". I should still be able to navigate the list up and down and choose something other than "use", but it should be the default. (If you disagree, I would like to hear your reasoning.)
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