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Hi guys, I have downloaded the 14 days trial version of sql data compare and i've tried to run the c# sample supplied with the actual toolkit but for some reason it asks me to activate the software by entering the serial number and for that reason it fails. Is there any way around this or do i have to buy the software in order to try the c# code.

i'll be looking forward to hear from you very soon...

thanks in advance



  • Hi Sam,

    You shouldn't have any problems building a project with the sample code. If you still have time left in your evaluation you will just be notified that it is a trail version, it will only fail when the trial expires.

    Maybe your evaluation has expired. This could happen if there was a previous version installed on that machine.

    If you need to extend your trial, please contact [email protected]

    Let me know if this doesn't help
  • Hi Chris, thank you so much for your email. I've installed the software two days ago for the first time and i've never installed the software before. But for some reason when i run the c# code it asks me for activation. I can run the software normally by executing sql data compare.exe so this proves that the software is not expired.

    I'll be looking forward to hear from you very soon...

    thanks in advance,

  • Hi Chris, when i run the c# code i get the following:

    1. First i'll get a dialogue window saying 'This application was produced with an unlicensed copy of the Red-Gate SQL Comparison and Synchronization Toolkit which will expire in 22/12/2006.

    Please see the online help or go to our website at www.red-gate.com to find out how to license these components'.

    2. The second dialogue window that i get after clicking the 'ok' button on the first dialogue window is:
    'This is a 14 day trial. To use the SQL Toolkit after the trial expires, you must buy a copy from www.red-gate.com.

    You have 14 day(s) left of your free trial.

    You can either activate your copy of the SQL Toolkit or continue with the trial by pressing 'Skip''.

    3. After pressing 'skip' button couple of times finally i'll get the software running. Choosing an option from the list e.g. number 2 followed by enter button. I'll get the following Microsoft Development Environment dialogue window saying 'Unhandled execption of type system.Data.SqlClient.SqlException occured in mscorlib.dll

    additional information: system error.'

    Then the software terminate.

    Please if you know where i am going wrong then please do let me know.

    i'll be looking forward to hear from you very soon...

    thanks in advance,

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