WARNING: Unable to find dependency 'REDGATE.COMPRESSION.ZLIB

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Hi everyone :)

I've used SQL Packager 5 to create an .exe file for creating of my SQL Server 2000 database. This .exe file is then included as a file in a vs2005 setup project to be installed together with it's application.

Upon compile I get the following warning (DBCreate.exe is the name of my file):
"WARNING: Unable to find dependency 'REDGATE.COMPRESSION.ZLIB' (Signature='7F465A1C156D4D57' Version='') of assembly 'DBCreate.exe'

When I created the .exe file I ensured that the compression checkbox was NOT checked.

Trying to run det packaged file after setup results in an error with missing dependencie.

How can I solve this issue ? Is there a .dll I can ship with the packaged file ?

Any help is greatly apreciated.


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    The dll is embedded in the package as a binary resource. When the package is run, the resource is saved as a binary file and used by the package. If the file is not available, there could be a permissions issue in the %TMP% folder (by default, in your user profile). It may be worth making sure that the permissions to your user profile are alright, or think about trying to re-create the profile. This is all I can think of at this time.
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