Need better visibility on error codes

johnpaulcookjohnpaulcook Posts: 16 Bronze 2
edited July 26, 2006 12:06PM in SQL Packager Previous Versions
Return code 0 = good
Return code -1 = bad

What does bad mean? Is it a duplicate key error? Is is a table missing error?

When things go wrong, I need to know why. I used to modify the packager source code and compile my own version that returns SQL Server error codes. The problem is that this is not a sustainable process. There are other developers and I'm not going to remain at this client forever. People shouldn't have to modify your product to get more meaning than -1.


  • Hi John,
    Can you tell me which/what file you are refuring to....
    PS If you have some ideas about how to change the error reporting etc. I would be very very interested in hearing about it. Perhaps I can get them (or some derivation) put into the template product.
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