infer actual method run time excluding children

I am looking at a method in the "All Methods" tab. The method has the following statistics: Hit Count 15057, Time (sec) 52.1525, Average Time (sec) 0.1019, Time w/ Children (Sec) 1533.5680.

If I use the following math, Time w. Children / Hit Count the result = Average Time (sec.)

I want to find the average time taken by the method EXCLUDING children. Can I simply take Time (sec) / Hit Count?


  • Hi,

    yes indeed you can simpy divide the time by the hit count to get the average time per call excluding children.


    Tom Harris

    Red Gate Software
  • If we use the calculation discussed in this post, and we know that Method A invokes Method B and the average time (excluding children) in Method a is .1000 seconds and the average time in Method B (excluding children) is .4000, can we infer that method B is more of a performance issue compared to method A?
  • Yes this sounds correct. The time (time without children) is the key performance measurement for deciding which methods are actually the cause of your performance problems,

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