Data Compare hangs

I downloaded the trial version of Data Compare (version After the compare, I run the Snychronization Wizard. The progress bar goes all the way to 100%, but it just seems to hang there and never finish.

There are 8 objects that are out of synch when it starts. Two tables have approximately 350,000 rows, one has 140,000 and the others have less than 7000 apiece.

Synchronizing a few tables at a time works fine, but when I try to synchronize them all at one, it simply hangs at 100%. Something similar happened with SQL Packager. It gets to 99% and hangs.

The target database is local, so I rebooted and ran Data Compare again with the same results to ensure something didn't have a table locked.

We are evaluating the suite because we need to be able to replicate a database (structure and data) from one server to another with the correct collation for the target database. I'm thinking that SQL Packager is what we need, but I can't seem to get it working on our database.

Any help would be appreciated.



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    Hi Jim,

    There isn't a lot of information to help us solve this problem. It could be a table locking issue. Maybe you could try the same activity on an offline copy of the database and see if you still have the issue?
  • The other possibility of the process hanging at 100% with that amount of rows/tables would be during clean up where its taking a while to clean up the temporary files used before recomparing the database.

    Having said that though I would have expected the transaction to have been committed by that point so that changes should have taken affect. What happens if you attach a profiler to your SQL Server when its hanging - is any SQL being executed? If you run sp_who2 do you still see connections from Data Compare etc and what state are they in?

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  • Sorry for not being specific about what I had tested so far.

    But to make a long story short, I continued working with it and discovered that if I uncheck "Use transactions in SQL Scripts" in the project options the Snychronization completes successfully.

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