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Possible Enhancements to "Comparison Projects"

patrickgillpatrickgill Posts: 2
edited April 21, 2006 12:37PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Just upgraded to 5.0 and I love it. My biggest complaint about 4.x was how I had to recreate my server connections every time using "Comparison Settings" but now all my databases and servers that I compare are in a single window in "Comparison Projects", once I set it up.

But I still see possible room for improvement. Once I added all possible comparison options, DEV to STG, STG to QA, QA to PRD, and PRD to DR, the list is now unmanageable. I would be great if I can group them by, maybe source server or anything else. So if I need to move objects from DEV to STG for testing, I can open DEV and I can see all my projects where source is DEV.

Thank you,
Patrick Gill


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