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Welcome to the SQL Lighthouse Support Forum

What is SQL Lighthouse?
SQL Lighthouse is a tool that monitors your database schemas in order to alert you about unexpected changes – often called database drift.

How does that help me?
Unexpected database changes can actually be very difficult to spot manually and it is often very important to respond to to this "drift" quickly. SQL Lighthouse makes sure you are the first to know when your database schema changes unexpectedly and allows you to take remedial action straight-away.

How should I handle unexpected database changes?
Once alerted to an unexpected change by SQL Lighthouse, users can choose to take the most appropriate action; perhaps rolling back the change, applying it to another database or scripting the change into version control.

Want to find out more?
To find out more about what SQL Lighthouse does and how it works, please visit our website - sqllighthouse.com.

Want to try the Beta version?
We need your help to shape SQL Lighthouse into a great product that helps database professionals deal with the problem of database drift. We would love to hear about your feature ideas and suggestions. If you'd like to try an early access version of the tool, please go along to our website and download the free beta version of the tool.
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