Linking DB to SC for first time , how SC depo affected?

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I had broken metadata on this db, so I unlink my db and now trying to link it back, but not sure if it will be safe, will this clean all metadata from prev sc ??

On setup page I see that Linking db will <Link the database and Commit the objects>.
Does it mean that If I don't have let say usp_AlphaBravo in my BAK copy this copy will be deleted from SC depo when I do Linking? This sound scary for me....



  • James BJames B Posts: 1,124 Silver 4
    Just linking won't change anything.
    The DB or the repository will only be altered if you run through the process on the Get Latest or the Commit tab.
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  • Just linking won't change anything.

    We have a server-side TFS plugin that ensures commit comments conform to a standard.

    The plugin is blocking linking so in our experiencing just linking does something to the database because it is hitting the plugin.

    I'm trying to find a work around in the plugin, but is Red-gate 100% sure that "just linking" doesn't try to commit anything whatsoever?

    SQL Source Control is not giving us an option to type in a comment, therefore the comment of whatever action it is trying to perform when linking is not conforming to our standard.

    Edit: It does commit when linking for the very first time, and SQL Source Control adds an #ignorepolicies into the commit comment so I was able to hard code an exception!
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    Yes, we put in the basic folder structure and the RedGate.ssc file when you first link- so the #ignorepolicies is needed for that to succeed. From then on you need to either add a comment or the above #ignore command
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