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Unmanaged memory - "missing" modules?

troyderricktroyderrick Posts: 2
edited March 3, 2014 11:29AM in ANTS Memory Profiler 8

I'm using v8.2 to profile a mixed mode application, which uses both .net and unmanaged code.

The unmanaged breakdown by module is awesome, but I'm finding that the sum of the memory used by each module doesn't add up to the total unmanaged usage (or even close to it).

Unfortunately I'm finding that my leak is falling into that gap - the managed memory and memory used by the listed unmanaged modules is not leaking, but the total unmanaged memory keeps increasing.

Can you provide any insight as to what sort of things might be counted under total unmanaged memory but not in the breakdown by module?



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    It's hard to say without seeing the raw data. Can you send the results file over please (I have created ticket number 14162 so that will be good to put in the subject line).
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