SQL Monitor v4.0 is released now

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What’s new in this release?
Performance diagnostics - analyze the waits and queries affecting SQL Server performance on the Instance overview and Database overview pages. You can:
  • use the new Top 10 waits table to see what types of waits were affecting the system, how long SQL Server spent waiting, and which queries were affected (Instance overview only).
  • use the redesigned Top 10 queries table to see which queries used the most resource, how long they took to execute, and which waits occurred.
  • see the query statement and the batch from which it originated. You can also see the query plan handle as a SELECT statement that you can run in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to show the execution plan.
  • see detailed descriptions and expert troubleshooting advice for the most common waits.
Support added for deadlock trace flag 1222 for SQL Server 2005 and later.
Rewind time control redesigned - on the Overview pages, buttons representing common time increments let you go back and forward in time more quickly.
For more information, see the release notes

Upgrading to SQL Monitor 4.0
SQL Monitor 4.0 is a major upgrade from SQL Monitor 3.5. If your current license includes a valid support and upgrades package for SQL Monitor 3.x, the same license serial number will automatically activate SQL Monitor 4.0.

If your v3.x license does not include support and upgrades, SQL Monitor will upgrade to a 14-day trial of v4.0. You cannot roll back to the previous 3.x version, so we recommend that you install a trial version of v4.0 on a separate machine. For more information, see Upgrading to a later version of SQL Monitor.

Find out more or contact us:
Read more about SQL Monitor 4 and its key features.
Report any issues and raise questions on the support forum or email us at support@red-gate.com.
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    This is my first time using this SQL Monitoring tool. It looks very good and we are looking forward to migrating from SCOM to this tool.
    These questions may be something for another forum, and I would be grateful for the proper posting.
    I love to get a data dictionary of the schema so we do some additional intelligent pattern checking and trending. There is one question that my colleagues have asked the support group but the answer was that it is not possible to make this change. We have clusters with usually 20 instances. All SQL Monitor names for specific SQL Server in a cluster are in the format Custer Name Instance name. This is quite good unless when the actually instance is known to the network, applications and the users as different name. We have this case quite often. When we receive an alert then we have no idea what the network name of the SQL server is until we get into the Alert. When we add a Clustered SQL server instance to SQL Monitor that has a different network name we add it with the name known to the networkinstance name, not the clusterinstance name. SQL Monitor monitors it fine except it alerts using the cluster instance name. I am sure that the network name we used to add the server SQL Monitor is in a table somewhere. I may be able to query out some info to make the Alert more friendly.

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