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Does anyone have a SQL script that I can run against the SQL Monitor database to clear alerts?

I have over 600k uncleared alerts for a particular server and it is bogging down the web application and I can't clear them.

Many thanks...


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    johnmcpjohnmcp Posts: 12 New member
    If anyone is interested I used the script below:
    DECLARE @Alerts TABLE (AlertId INT, Date BIGINT)
    INSERT INTO @Alerts
            ( AlertId, Date )
    SELECT A.AlertId, ASev.Date
    FROM alert.Alert A INNER JOIN alert.Alert_Severity ASev ON A.AlertId = ASev.AlertId
    INNER JOIN alert.Alert_Type AType ON A.AlertType = AType.AlertType
    WHERE A.TargetObject LIKE '%<[i]server/cluster name[/i]>%'
    AND AType.Name = '<[i]alert type[/i]>'
    INSERT INTO alert.Alert_Cleared
            ( AlertId, Date, Cleared )
    SELECT A.AlertId, A.Date, 1
    FROM @Alerts A
    UPDATE alert.Alert SET [Read]=1 
    WHERE AlertId IN 
    (SELECT AlertId from @Alerts)
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