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"Ignore Indexes" not working in GUI

anna.panna.p Posts: 34 New member
edited July 16, 2013 3:38PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions

I'm confused.

I'm comparing a single table using the GUI (SVN to DB compare) and I have the following options set:

"Ignore Indexes" = true
"Ignore Constraint Names" = false
"Ignore Check Constraints" = false

In the Results pane, it looks correct: none of the indexes nor the PK are displayed as differences.

In reality, the indexes and PK in SVN are identical to those in the database.

But when I generate the deploy script, the indexes are dropped and the PK isn't touched. When I switch deployment directions, the same thing happens. This behavior seems to be contrary to the options I selected and to the physical state of this table.

The rest of the script is fine.

The only thing I can think that's out of the ordinary is that I've edited this same project a number of times without closing and reopening it. I remapped the table a few times, changed the source and target a few times, switched the deployment direction a few times... Does SQL Compare "cache" stuff or get confused sometimes? I've seen odd behavior like this before that gets cleared up after closing and reopening a project. I haven't posted about it until now, but I'm getting pretty frustrated with it at this point.


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    James BJames B Posts: 1,124 Silver 4
    Thanks for your post, and sorry you're having trouble.

    I think to advise fully, we'd really need to see and example of this, as there's a few possibilities.

    The ignore options will generally only affect the comparison phase. If there's some other difference on the table (such as a change in column order) which requires the table to be dropped and recreated, then we would do the same with the indexes as part of the process. If you look at the note displayed when you hover over each option, it'll tell you if it affects comparison/deployment or both.

    I don't think making changes to the project itself will have an effect- the actions that will be performed are calculated during the compare phase. If you're still stuck, then a more detailed example would be great- you can either post back here or, if you prefer, email support directly with the ticket ref. you obtained originally in the subject line (F00xxxxx)
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