received the following error message any ideas?

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only things that stands out about the file in question is that it contains 2012 specific code (LAG and lead function), no other file in the database does.

Errors occurred whilst parsing file C:\Users\jsmith3\AppData\Local\Red Gate\SQL Source Control 3\Transients\pkauocpy.d1y\FU_Catalog\Views\sales.vw_SSRS_overlapping_contracts.sql

'' at line 12, column 7

'' at line 29, column 20

'' at line 29, column 68

'' at line 34, column 38

EDIT: files uploaded here: ... tracts.sql


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    Thanks for your post.

    I created a very trimmed down view still containing lag/lead based on your example and it seems to work OK based on a quick commit / get to a different database.

    What version of SQL Source Control are you working with? Are you able to supply the relevant table definitions needed by your example view so I can come up with a full working example? (please feel free to mail these to [email protected] quoting F0074030 in the subject line if so)
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  • Thanks just sent it :D
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