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Login failed for user when trying to open .sqlgen file

debdeb75debdeb75 Posts: 2
I am trying to open my Sql Data Generator file (.sqlgen). I get the error message 'Login failed for user blah' The username's password has changed so I understand why it is failing. My questions is HOW do I modify the password so that Sql Data Generator can open it?

<Password encrypted="1">randomlettersandnumbers</Password>

I can modify the .sqlgen file. If I set SavePassword to False that did not allow me to open the file with Sql Data Generator. Do I have to null out the Password option as well? Or remove it all together?

Thank you,


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    You should be able to set password encrypted ="0" and then you can free type the password for the account.

    <Password encrypted="0">your_unencrypted_password</Password>
    Manfred Castro
    Product Support
    Red Gate Software
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