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Hi All,

SQL Data Copmare

I try to compare scripts folders and get error "Unsupported column type- Empty". It means table contains PK with User-Defined Data Type column. This datatype was commited in folder "Types", but SQL Data Compare doesn't use it for comparing as I understood.
I changed "Comparison key" to "Custom" and set the same columns like has PK and comparing works fine.

The question is Can I set Custom Comparison key in the command line for each tables? What command I should use?


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    The /ComparisonKeys switch(/ComparisonKeys:<table or view name as regular expression>:<index name>) allows you to specify a unique index to be used to identify rows for comparison. With /ComparisonKeys you can only specify an index as the comparison key, no other columns can be specified.

    To specify a comparison key that is is not an index, use the GUI to set up and save a project with the settings you require. You can then use that project from the command line with the /Project switch.

    https://documentation.red-gate.com/disp ... mmand+line
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    I'm getting the same error when using the switch /include:StaticData with SQL compare.

    Is there a workaround you might suggest until you fix this bug? I think I need to use something like /dataCompareProject:myCustomComparisons.sdc

    Thanks, best regards
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