How to add monitoring for specific ports?

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Just a question as I seem to oversee seomthing:

We're working with
Now we have a new cluster which is also having SQL Browser service turned off.

How do I add my named instances running on specified ports?

I've tried:

All to no avail.


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    You can first add the SQL Server instance using 'machine name\*' syntax. Then select the SQL Server instance which is running on non-default port and click 'Edit Credentials'. Then click 'Edit Properties' on the 'Edit Credentials' windows. You should be able to enter Port number here.

    I am not very sure but as far as I am aware, you would need 'SQL Server Browser' service to be running in order to connect to a named instance remotely.

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    Found it! Missed the 'edit properties' in there when looking for it.
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