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Curious to know if us, as the customer, are able to get any insight in to which of the "I suggest you" values that we might have added or voted on at :

https://sqlmonitor.uservoice.com/forums ... uggestions

Have got past the point of being mere suggestions/wishes on the part of the user community for the product but have either been released or are planned to be released. I see that there is a "started" or "completed" option when browsing the suggestions however the volume of these that have either been started or completed seems to much lower than what I would have expected to see.

Myself I know that there are quite a number of the ideas people have had that I completely support and would love to see yet I am not sure if there has (or will be) any progress on them.

I also frequently get ask by my management what value add I can get from the SQL Monitor tool and there is nothing concrete I am able offer them other than "Hopefully they will pick up and offer xyz feature soon"




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    I think you're right that we've not been doing a great job making plain what's been happening with SQL Monitor. I'm hoping that will change over the next few months as we put out a sequence of releases.

    The first, due out next week, will allow you to build graphs with multiple metrics and will improve the alert emails. The next will allow better comparisons of metrics over time and probably introduce baselines. For each release we'll also seek to pick off some of the quicker items from UserVoice, rather than just focusing on the big items.

    I know it's frustrating when suggestions appear to disappear into a black hole, but I do value and pay attention to them. Hopefully you'll soon see that reflected on the site and in the product.


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