Using C++ dll having header file in C#

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I am totally new in C++ and I want to use C++ dll (having header file) in

C# program. Please find below header file.

#pragma once
#define DAILY_PERIOD 24*60
#define MIN_PERIOD 1

#ifdef API_DLL 
#define METHOD_TYPE __declspec(dllexport)
#define METHOD_TYPE __declspec(dllimport)

struct Quote {
unsigned long Date;
float Price;
float Open;
float High;
float Low;
float Volume;
float OpenInterest; 

class METHOD_TYPE CMinuteApiCallback

virtual int quote_notify( const char* symbol, int interval, int nMaxSize, Quotation *pQuotes, unsigned long echo)=0;


class METHOD_TYPE CMinuteApi

int Initialise(char *serialkey, CMinuteApiCallback* callback);

int GetQuote(char * symbol, int periodicity, unsigned long lasttimeupdate, unsigned long echo);

int DeleteQuote(char * symbol, int periodicity);


So please let me know how can I call all these methods in my C# program. c# Example of above code is highly appreciated.Thanks in advance.


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