New user ?? about production migration best practices

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Using TFS as our repository.

So I've been developing away and checking my code in periodically but now I want to push one or two of those changes out to Prod.

I can generate a migration script based on change sets but what I really want is a change script for just one or two objects not the whole set of changes that I've checked in. So change set 1 changes objects A, B and C. Change set 2 changes object B further and change set 3 changes objects A and D.

But I really just want to push my changes for objects B and C.

Is there an easy way to do this using SQL Source Control Migrations or do I need to use SQL Compare on objects B & C?

And if I use SQL Compare, can I check the script that's generated into source control without saving it to my local check out folder and manually checking it into my migration scripts folder in TFS?

Or do I generate a Migration script for all 3 change sets and manually edit it? Which seems like it's error prone.

Or, am I approaching this all wrong and should only be checking in changes that I want to move to production and then I just have the one change set to run a migration script for?

Hope that's clear!
Thanks for any help you can offer.
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