Extend "SQLResponsedb.trc" lifetime

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We're using SQL Monitor 1.3 and enable "collection of trace data", trace files are obtained in "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Data", they will be kept 20 mins.

Can I extend the lifetime of those files without copying to another location every 10 mins, e.g. keep files 1 day or longer?



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    Thanks for your post regarding SQL Response. Unfortunately, the tracing (as described here cannot really be configured in any way. I double-checked the config file to see if there was a hidden option, but nothing appeared.

    Unfortunately, SQL Response was discontinued almost 2 years ago and no further development will take place, so this isn't a change you're going to see in the future I'm afraid.
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    Thanks for reply, I create a job which will copy the trace files to another location.
    The UI of SQL response is better than SQL monitor, there are more details, icons and color in "Performance Snapshot => Statement", so there're no planning for upgrade.
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