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The Redgate sql monitoring tool (2.3) we use seems to be incorrectly raising “Clock Skew” alerts for one of our sql servers (Microsoft SQL Server 2008 r2 Standard Edition (64-bit) 10.50.1600).

Having checked the time, simultaneously for a period of 5 mins, on both servers (the Base monitor and the sqlserver) it is apparent the time is out by a second or two but not 28 or 40 seconds as the sql monitor tool is indicating.

There was no significant workload on the sql server at the time when the alert was raised.

Any help on this matter will be appreciated.


  • Thanks for your post and sorry you're running into this. We'd really need to double check the SQL Monitor Base Monitor log files for around the time that this was happening, so are you able to send those across to [email protected] with a subject line in your e-mail of F0057343? You can find where they are by going to Configuration > About and you'll get the file path they reside in on the machine hosting the Base Monitor service.

    It would also be good if you could provide some additional information, such as if the machines you are monitoring are VM's or not.

    Many thanks!
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  • Right, the log file has been emailed to [email protected] with "F0057343" in the subject line.

    The sql server in question is named "sqlfin01" and it is not a virtual machine.
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