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"Enterprise" version of the SQL Backup Pro client?

mdgravesmdgraves Posts: 53
edited February 15, 2012 4:00AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
My DBA team currently manages 104 SQL instances, having a total database count (approx) 1000.

Our current configuration is SQL Backup Pro is installed locally for each SQL instance, with our in-house SQL code running via SQL Agent making the command line Backup Pro calls. Each of these calls uses a backup drive (locally on each server) for storage of the backup file.

We would like to change the topography to manage the backups from a single client, one at each of our two data centers, and use a single storage location (at each data center) for storage of the backup files.

Is there an "Enterprise" version of the SQL Backup Pro client? We would like to manage the 1000 databases from a database view, not segmented by individual SQL instance groupings.


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    Maybe I can write remote command line calls from a server in each data center if no UI is available.
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    Can I see all databases for servers placed into LOCATION(s) and/or GROUP(s)? And scheduled jobs too?
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    For this type of solution, you'll probably want to get away from using the command-line client as it can't be invoked remotely using the SQL Backup management console. The Professional edition is the highest edition, and it allows you to manage backups and restores remotely. You can add as many servers into the SQL Backup console and group them by location.

    Using the SQL Backup console this way, you will use the console to send backup commands directly to the SQL Server, which will get the SQL Backup server components to do the necessary work.

    If you have any more questions, please let me know.
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    As I have @ 104 SQL instances, is there a command line and/or batch method to register servers on that one centralized console? Modify backend data files, etc. to get all 104 SQL instances registered. Also, to add schedule backups, etc.?
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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    SQL Backup hasn't got the ability to automatically add servers to manage. You do get a backup scheduling wizard once a server is registered though.
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