Migration script created by one user ignored by another

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We have a dedicated database on each developers own computer, and then centralised development, test and QA database for each of our applications. To protect the centralised environments we have domain login accounts with elevated privilages.

Both my normal domain account and my admin domain account are linked to SQL Source control for the database and migration scripts.

I have made changes to a database locally and created a migration script for one of the changes; a column type and data contents are being transformed.

All changes and the migration script is checked in. Both normal domain account and admin domain account are able to view the migration script.

When SQL Compare is run under my normal domain account the migration script is picked up and is included in the deployment script that is generated.

When SQL Compare is run under my admin domain accout the migration script appears to be ignored.

Should a migration script be picked up by all users so that the changes are applied correctly?

SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Source Control


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    Further, after unlinking and then linking the database again under my admin domain account the migration scripts where picked up again. We will monitor this and report back any further occurences.
  • That sounds strange. It's feasible that permissions could stop you seeing a script, but as it was an admin user, and a relink fixed it, I think it's unlikely in this case.

    If it does occur again and you can reliably reproduce the problem, please do let us know... what source control system are you using by the way?
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    We are using Team Foundation Server 2010
  • Thanks - I guess keep an eye on it as you say. I don't believe it's been reported by anyone else as yet.
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