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I like to SSRS pack that is available on the Red Gate site.
However, we would like to create some custom reports.
The data is in the Red Gate database, but to find out what tables, views etc to use is quite a job. Is there perhaps some documentation about the database model?

In short, we would like to create a report for our application administrators to let them see the database settings (autogrowth etc) how large their database is, how fast it grew in a given period.


Kick Vieleers


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    Hi Kick,

    Unfortunately, we haven't published database model yet. But this is something we do plan to do in near future. For now, feel free to ask us question and we will try our best to help if we can.

    Whenever you write reports, it is best to access via views. The data you are looking can be found in this view data.Cluster_SqlServer_Database_File_StableSamples_View.

    If you look at the database closely, it might be self explanatory. E.g. if you are after machine specific data then it can be found under:

    Similarly, SQL Server specific data can be found under:

    Database specific data under:
    data.Cluster_SqlServer_Database_* and so on.

    Priya Sinha
    Project Manager
    Red Gate Software
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