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Microsoft describes a Work Items as:
"Team Foundation has work item tracking features designed to assist enterprise software development teams to manage their work and software defect tracking. In Team Foundation, a work item tracks this work, and can be one of the individual tasks required to complete a project, a bug that needs to be fixed, a customer scenario that the project needs to address, or any other piece of work in a project that needs to be tracked in a database. The types of work items available in any given project can be customized by your team to meet your project development requirements using a work item type definition. However, all work items contain the following common elements"

In SQL Source Control (v1.0.3.73+), it is now possible to associate a change with a TFS work item by typing the following into the comment field on the SQL Source Control 'Commit Changes' tab:

1. To Associate a Commit with a TFS Work item use the following syntax '#A<Work Item number><space><Commit Comment>' e.g. #A106 Associate this change to object Foo to Work Item 106'
2. To Resolve a TFS Work item following a Commit from source control use the following syntax '#R<Work Item number><space><Commit Comment>' e.g. #R106 Resolve Work Item 106 by committing this change to object Foo'

The '#A106' and '#R106' portion of the commit will not appear in the comment made on the TFS Server; it is simply an instruction to SQL Source Control to associate or resolve the item.

We'd love to hear about your experience with this feature and welcome any comments or feedback that you may have. If you would like to vote on an enhanced UI to make your SQL Source Control/Work Items experience ingeniously simple, please visit our Suggestion Forum, ... work-items
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