Fragmented indexes alert not firing

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With the old SQL Monitor 1, i used to get this alert regularly, which was fine because i knew which indexes they were and would get round to defragging them later at an off-peak time. However, with the new SQL Monitor 2 (v2.1.0.238) i don't seem to get any alerts at all and i've been running the new version for over a month now.

I ran DBCC SHOWCONTIG WITH TABLERESULTS, ALL_INDEXES to get a list of all indexes fragmentation stats and filtered out the ones with less than 1000 pages. There were a few indexes that had Logical Fragmentation way over 15% as specified in my low level alert setting, the medium and high have been disabled.

This alert is active at the database level and inherits from the all servers alert setting.

Am i missing something?



  • Hi Rakesh,

    Could you please try running this statement instead DBCC SHOWCONTIG WITH TABLERESULTS, FAST? Please let us know if there are indexes which qualify the config criteria and still are not being shown in Fragmented index alert?

    Also, there is a known issue with 'Fragmented index' alert details page also in I will send you a link to the build which has this fix too via email.

    Priya Sinha
    Project Manager
    Red Gate Software
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    Hi Priya

    Thanks for the email for the fix. I will install it soon.

    I ran the DBCC SHOWCONTIG WITH TABLERESULTS, FAST and it came up with 6 indexes that were greater than 1000 pages and all had logical fragmentation of 24%-97%

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