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Suggestion and Can I help ?

JamesknJameskn Posts: 4
edited September 28, 2005 6:23AM in SQL Dependency Viewer

Really like the product and as it standards currently but would really like to add some functionality to it... if I was not stepping on toes. Any chance you would release the source under a licence to allow other people to add to it ? Anyway suggestions for what I would like to see or would add if given the chance ;-)

Three buttons on screen for opening after connection.

See all Dependants (Show all dependants)
Look for specific dependants on Table
Look for specific dependants on X Object Type.

Then would like the options to report in into a different view

Tree view
Data grid view (See all the list of everything dependant to it )

Would like also to be able to print, export to XML, HTML,

*Would also like to specify cross database dependancy one or more database.

*Would like to toggle on Filters of objects in a view
*Color object differently.
*Copy and paste so I could put it into a Power point presentation.
*Specify if I wanted the layout to go horizontally or vertically in graphical mode.
* Specify the shapes of my objects (Square, round, etc)
* Attached logos to objects to make it very clear which one was which.
* API Options... So I could setup a report say daily onto the intranet.

Okay I am going to stop .. ;-) Unless you want me to carry on. ..

James ;-)


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    Hi James,

    Thanks for all the ideas. We just threw this one out into the wild to see what kind of feedback we could get. Based on what we've seen, we'll probably spend some time rewriting it properly, probably including some or all of the points you've raised.

    I don't think we're going to release the source code though.

    - Neil
    - Neil Davidson
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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    Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the reply, if you do push the product forward. Please feel free to put me on the Alpha/Beta testing ;-)


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