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NOOB ALERT: Should Working Set == Sum of Live Size

ebrownebrown Posts: 2
I'm new, so forgive me.

I'm profiling an app that has a working set of 1.2 GB (yeah bad I know) and I'm really trying to figure out where all that memory is being allocated.

First I compared two snapshots before the "event" (WS=180MB) and another after the "event" (WS=1.22 GB)

Then when I look at the difference between the two I don't see things that "add up" to the difference in the working set.

I export my class list and summed up the different columns:
Live Size = 69,395,906 (bytes)
Size Diff = 544,992 (bytes)

I've been reading the docs and watching the videos (all which present the process of memory profiling in a pretty straight forward manner) but yet hear I am confused.

Maybe I'm thinking about this wrong...?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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