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How can I use relative paths with sqlgen files?

aaronaaron Posts: 2
I'm using a .csv file for data generation as well as a .sql file for a postscript. Both are right next to my main .sqlgen file, but I can't make any assumptions about where my .sqlgen file lives.

SQL Data generator seems to want to use absolute paths when I reference these files, which won't work for me. When I manually change it to a relative path, SQL Data generator looks for the file relative to the applications install folder. How can I make my paths relative to wherever the sqlgen file is?


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    Unfortunately, I think you have found a bug in SQL Data Generator. I have logged it in our tracking system with reference SDG-913. I have assigned it to the development team and await a response.
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    Has this issue been resolved? I'm also having trouble with the absolute paths here and was hoping, that there is a way or workaround to use relative paths for those files.
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