moving alert repository - can't deactivate on old server

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I'm trying to move our alert repository to new hardware. I'm using the instructions under Scenario 2 in this article, Moving your Alert Repository Data. ... aspx?p=SQL Response&c=knowledgebase%5cSQL_Response%5cKB200811000321.htm

to wit:
1. Install the Alert Repository service on the new machine using the SQL Response installer
2. Stop the Alert Repository services on both the old server and the new machine
3. Deactivate the license on the old machine.

When I got to step 3 I was thinking it meant to deactivate SQL server licenses, but that didn't make sense becuase both services were stopped, so I just went on with the rest of the instructions and copied the respository to the new server. That seemed to work at first glance, but now I'm not licensed; when I connect to the new service, it says I'm using the 14 day trial license, and if I start and connect to the old service it says the trial license is expired.

So I did some more digging and dowloaded the deactivation tool (from here: ... oducts.htm) and tried running it on the old server, but it doesn't find any licenses to deactivate.

Now here's the wrinkle: the old server (source) has been renamed and the new server (desitnation) has the same name as the old server originally did, so maybe that's complicating the issue. More specifically:

I originally installed the alert repository on a server named, e.g. MyRGServer.
MyRGServer was renamed MyRGServer-old.
New server was built and named MyRGServer.
I moved the alert repository from the old server to the new server.

Can I just "Activate Server License" for the servers I'm monitoring when connected to the new repository?

Also, I can't "Deactivate Server License" for the servers when connected to the old repository (the menu option is disabled), so I'm concerned that I might not be able to use those licenses w/ the new repository.

How do I get this sorted out and verify that I have all my licenses available on the new alert repository? (we're not currently using all of them).


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