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Multiple Studios & Limitations?

mokielookiemokielookie Posts: 4
edited February 10, 2010 12:27PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions

I was wondering if Sql Prompt 4 Standard edition is limited to 1 instance of Sql management studio? It works fine on the first window I open but when I open a second window it doesn't work on the second one.

Infact, if I click the menu option SQl Prompt 4 and then select any option, nothing happens and the menu option disables.

Is this the way it should function?

I'm running Windows 7 64 bit...



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    I'm not sure if this is a Windows 7 issue or what but this is the cause:

    There is a hot key way of opening a new window of an application in windows 7 by holding down the shift key and clicking the icon on the task bar. If I open my second window with the hot key sql prompt will not function in that window. If I go through the start menu it will function fine.

    VERY ODD :)

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    MikeyCMikeyC Posts: 249 Bronze 3
    I believe that holding down SHIFT when you start SSMS starts SSMS in safe-mode, which turns off all the add-ins.
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    That would be a very good reason why :) ... It sucks that shift click just happens to be the hotkey to open a new window in Windows 7 from the taskbar...
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